my journey to becoming a doctor,

dr. jessica patton ...


I am thrilled to have a way to connect with everyone and let you know and observe some of my happenings!  I’ll try to keep people updated on how things are going by blogging, posting pictures, videos and such ... of my life and time in Grenada and US for Graduate and Medical School.

I have had a couple of countdowns listed here, for various dates and such ... so the current countdown is the tentative date, for when I will be taking my first board exam, March 31, 2014, for US accreditation for doctoring, the USMLE Step 1 Exam. It is the first one of several.

I hope to be in close touch with everyone and would also myself like to stay up to date on how you and yours are!!!  So please take the time to make comments (when my iWeb and MobileMe account made changes, and the comment feature was removed, sadly) or email me (so I can have and save your email address - there’s a direct link at the bottom of every page) to let me know what you are up to and how your life is going!

So check everything out, let me know what you think and I look forward to hearing from you sometime soon!!!

Blessings to all,

Jessica :-)


Psalms 121:1-2

“I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills, from whence cometh my help. my help cometh from the lord ...”